Collecting Postage Stamps With Religious Themes

Collecting postage stamps with a religious (or related) theme is a popular pastime enjoyed by individuals the world over.  The scope is surprisingly large; many religious holidays, such as Christmas and Easter, have been and continue to be commemorated on postage stamps. 

COROS, the (sadly now-defunct) Collectors Of Religion On Stamps, noted the following sub-categories, and of course there are more that could be added. 

Angels Church History Mythology
Bells Easter Nuns
Bible Ecumenism Non-Christian
Bible Illustrated Eucharistic Congresses New Testament
Bible Quotations Hymns Old Testament
Biography Israel Popes
Christ Koran Prayer
Christmas Litany Reformation
Life-of-Christ Madonnas Religious Art
Churches and Cathedrals Marian Philately Sacred Art
Christian Symbolism Missionaries Saints
Clergymen and Theologians Monks St. Paul
Crosses Mosques Vatican


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