Prayer of an Aged Person

Lord God, Thou our refuge forevermore, our life and length of years by whose hands our days are numbered, behold, I have reached the years, of which I can say that they are not pleasing to me. Since my strength has perceptibly decreased in this my old age, and many troubles and weaknesses come upon me, I humbly beseech Thee who hast so graciously and fatherly guided me from the beginning of my life, and hast been my hope from the days of youth until now, Thou wouldst not forsake me in old age, when I am gray-headed and weak, but continue to bear and deliver me unto a happy end of my life.

But especially do I pray Thee, O merciful Father, to guide and direct me by Thy holy and good Spirit, that I may spend the rest of my life in a Christian walk with praying and sighing in true devotion to Thee, and that I may more and more prepare myself like a true Christian for a happy death, so that, if today or tomorrow my time should come, I may depart in peace like the aged Simeon, and leaving this world, may enter upon the joys of eternal life.






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