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What We're Working On

We've just added Margaret Alice Murray's The Witch-Cult in Europe, originally published in 1921. Scholarly and well-researched, but also immensely interesting.


Ever Wonder?

Ever wonder about The Meaning of It All?  Why not read Edward Carpenter's essay on the subject?

And, before you take that next trip to the casino, you might wish to familiarize yourself with the Quaker View of Gambling, circa 1881.

 What We're Reading Right Now . . .

We always have a number of books that interest us, and from time to time like to share with others the titles of books we're currently reading.  Right now, this includes Byways of Blessedness, by James Allen.  You can find the complete text here on our website.


It's a great time of year for thinking about self-improvement.  Get started with Florence Scovel Shinn's 1925 work, The Game of Life, which you're bound to find an inspiration.

 We've been making minor additions to our website, but cooler weather has now inspired us to get back on track with some longer works that we've wanted to add, the first of these being Charles G. Leland's The Mystic Will.  We've now also added Albert Parker Fitch's Preaching and Paganism, and W. Y. Evans-Wentz's Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries.

We've also added C. H. Becker's very interesting 1909 Christianity and Islam, and Frank F Ellinwood's 1891 Oriental Religions and Christianity, which classifies Islam (along with Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism) as an "oriental religion." 


We (Finally!) Have a Facebook Page

Want to keep up with what World Spirituality is currently up to? Please visit our new Facebook page! Telling others about it would also be a nice thing you could do today . . . :)





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