A Little Way

"A little way! I know it is not far
  To that dear home where my beloved are;
  And still my heart sits, like a bird, upon
  The empty nest, and mourns its treasures gone,
          Plumed for their flight,
          And vanished quite.
  Ah me! Where is the comfort? Though I say
  They have but journeyed on a little way.

"A little way! At times they seem so near,
  Their voices even murmur in my ear,
  To all my duties loving presence lend,
  And with sweet ministry my steps attend.
  'Twas here we met and parted company;
  Why should their gain be such a grief to me?
          This sense of loss!
          This heavy cross!
  Dear Savior, take the burden off, I pray,
  And show me heaven is but--a little way.

"A little way? The sentence I repeat,
  Hoping and longing to extract some sweet
  To mingle with the bitter; from Thy hand
  I take the cup I cannot understand,
  And in my weakness give myself to Thee.
  Although it seems so very, very far
  To that dear home where my beloved are,
          I know, I know,
          It is not so;
  Oh, give me faith to believe it when I say
  That they are gone--gone but a little way."

-- Anonymous





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