Melchior Adam

ADAM, MELCHIOR (d. 1622), German divine and biographer, was born at Grotkau in Silesia after 1550, and educated in the college of Brieg, where he became a Protestant.  In 1598 he went to Heidelberg, where he held various scholastic appointments.  He wrote the biographies of a number of German scholars of the 16th century, mostly theologians, which were published in Heidelberg and Frankfort (5 vols., 1615--1620).  He dealt with only twenty divines of other countries.  All his divines are Protestants.  His industry as a biographer is commended by P. Bayle, who acknowledges his obligations to Adam’s labors; and his biographies, though they have faults, are still useful.


Source: 1911 encyclopedia.




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