As readers of this website know, our primary intent is "to foster religious tolerance between people with different spiritual beliefs" by providing information about the world's religions, and, when appropriate, about specific groups.  One such group that we would like to call attention to is Sundari, headquartered in the town of Pitesti in Romania.  The group, a non-governmental organization, has established a library in Romania specializing in works related to Asian culture, philosophy, and religion.

We recently received an e-mail from one of the group's members, Eduard Diaconu which, with his permission, we are happy to share with you:

Hello. My name is Eduard Diaconu and I am from a town called Pitesti, in Romania. Sailing on the Internet these days, we have found a link to your website.  Now, I must say that we were truly amazed by your vision over the human spirit, and by your efforts to make a difference.  I write you in the name of a small group of students living here. We are some kind of a research and study group, trying to evolve our spirit, mind, and body, and to maintain a high state of awareness regarding the reality which surrounds us. Sadly, here in Romania it is almost impossible to do such a thing, especially when you use methods which are generally considered as "unorthodox" (that's because our main path has an oriental source). Most of the people in our country have a pretty narrow vision regarding spirituality, and anything which they cannot understand, they classified it as some kind of "heresy" and never look at it again; they are refractory and rigid. Fortunately, there are also open-minded people. Their number is small and their struggle is big, but the fight for freedom will never cease.

Anyway, after a long endeavor, we have succeeded in opening a public library. We had the chance to have on our side a town councilor, and with some help from him, we have officialized our group as a Non-Governmental Association. Then, to open this library was relatively easy. Though, we still have  some minor problems in finding a proper location for it. Right now, the library is located in a pretty old building, but we hope that we will find a more proper location in short time. Well, we have just started this "adventure" with the library (a year ago, nobody knew about us), and those small problems are almost  inevitable. But what was really important was done.

At the moment, our patrimony consist in approximately six hundred books and almost two hundred magazines, plus some video tapes and music on CD's and audio tapes. The subjects of all those are centered on oriental spiritual traditions and philosophy, but we also have books focused on western spiritual  paths. And, even if the vast majority of our books are in English, there are days when we have more than 10 visitors. People are really interested, especially in eastern traditions.

We also have a website. It's small and pretty unsophisticated, but, for now, it's all we can do regarding this issue. 

In a subsequent message, Mr. Diaconu wrote:

Around the entire globe the truthful situation is that people are spiritually starved - the stimulation of television, work, fast food, and other "distractions" in the culture are pushing many people to search for something deeper. I see it every day, but the good news is that people are waking up, ready for deeper knowledge. There are many around the world who are not ready yet for this, as it happened in our country, but we believe that there are higher forces that are gently guiding us to remembering who we are.  We are sure that there are many others around the globe who are ready and working for major shifts in human consciousness and evolution, such as yourself. And we are also doing our best to play our part.

Sadly, the Sundari website no longer exists.





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