Collectors of Religion on Stamps

Irish stamp - St Patrick



If you have an interest in collecting stamps that depict religious themes, you're not alone.  According to Verna Shackleton, COROS Secretary, COROS is:  "A philatelic society dedicated to the study of postal material featuring designs of some religious significance."

COROS publishes a 40-page quarterly called The COROS Chronicle, for which annual dues are collected.  (Dues for USA members are $22.00.  Members living outside the United States pay dues of $24.00, plus $10.00 additional if airmail delivery of the journal is desired, in USA funds.)  

Organized in 1943, COROS is the oldest topical philatelic society in the USA.  The organization's journal has been published continuously since 1945.  Popular topics in print include Christmas, the Bible, the Pope, Churches, the Madonna, Saints, Reformation, new issues, checklists, studies, and much more.

Ms. Shackleton may be contacted by mail by writing to:

Verna Shackleton, COROS Secretary
425 N. Linwood Ave. Suite 110
Appleton, WI 54914

A membership application may be found online at


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Collectors of Religion on Stamps