How Can You Tell If a Religion is Wrong?

It's impossible to discuss "bad" or "wrong" religions without offending the belief of some, or perhaps many.  Nevertheless, there are religious teachings that are simply wrong, and not saying so - not being honest with ourselves, and with others - makes a mockery of spirituality, and endangers our world.

I believe that any religion is wrong to the extent that it does the following:

  1. Advocates violence toward others. 
  2. Claims that it is the only "true" religion, or path to God, and that followers of other spiritual paths are unworthy of respect.
  3. Materially enriches itself, or its leaders, while others in the world lack proper food, decent housing, or needed medical attention.
  4. Advocates inequality on the basis of gender, race, or sexual preference.
  5. Advocates anything other than respect and concern for the natural environment. 






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